September 19, 2015

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (720) Date: 14 Sep 2015


Last updated: 14/09/2015
Current version: 4.2015.762.720
Size: 44.3 MB
License: Demo (Username & Password: ADMIN) 

New in this version

  • Add GST Bad Debts Recover Forcast at Customer/Supplier Due Listing
  • Add GST-Ledger-Vs-GST-03_5b & GST-Ledger-Vs-GST-03_6b report
  • Add foreign bank adjustment into realised exchange gain/loss calculation
  • Allow user drill down to realised exchange gain/loss document from GST listing
  • Feature #3379: PO & GR documents should allow to change Tax Inclusive field if transfer from other documents
  • Set new GST return date to as default process date
  • Feature #3372: Sales Price History / Purchase Price History ongrid add Tax Inclusive column
  • Add Profile CompanyName & ROC No to GST Detail Listing & Summary
  • Feature #3162: SL IV, CS, DN & CN Empty Item Code record are only allow to edit TaxAmt but not LocalTaxAmt
  • Other minor improvements

Previous Update Version 719
  • Added drill down support for Product Document Transfer, Job Order Listing & Production Outstanding Document Report
  • Increase the Barcode line size for GST-03
  • GST return always process net realised exchange gain/loss
  • Show Bad Debt Relief and Capital Goods Acquired as pages on a form
  • GL Bank Reconciliation selected bank name & Date To will display up to last month (not include this month)
  • Allow user to change number of fields in GST return journal after process GST return
  • Other minor improvements