November 27, 2015

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (726) Date: 27 Nov 2015


Last updated: 27/11/2015
Current version: 4.2015.768.726
Size: 44.7 MB

New in this version

  • Split Detail Description for GL PV for CompanyName & Item Description for GST Lampiran 2
  • Add Code for Description with empty Code for GL Cash Flow Statement
  • Add FromDockey for pipeline Document_PaymentHistory for AR/AP IV & DN Listing
  • Add Sales & Purchase Quotation, Sales Order & DO Listing (GST 1) reports
  • Add TaxDate property to IBO_GL_CB interface
  • Revise AR/AP module improve performance
  • Show taxable amount column at gift tax estimator window
  • Add Project field for AR/AP Payment, CN, Contra & Refund Document Listing Knockoff grid & datamap
  • Revise local amount for bad debt relief and bad debt recover post to GST_TRANS table exclude local tax amount
  • Bad debt relief can only be claimed if the invoice issued to GST registered customer
  • Rename "Print GST Bad Debt" to "Print GST Bad Debt Relief"
  • Add options for GST bad debt report to allow user to filter bad debt relief claimed, not claim or not happen
  • Revise invoice age calculation in GST bad debt report
  • All document entries that contain TaxDate, once user change TaxDate system should retrieve new tax rate based on selected TaxDate instead of working date
  • Update GST Ledger vs GST-03 notes
  • Update GST Lampiran 2 Get TaxRef column for GL Cash Book & Journal Entry
  • Add "Tax Reference" field into Cash Book Entry Detail and Journal Entry
  • Remove RS calculation (item 3 Page 1) from GST Summary Sheet - MY
  • GST Taxable Entry Form Edit State should prompt error "Local Tax Amount must be zero" when user change ZRL to SR which LocalTaxAmt > 0
  • Increase field length to 100 for Remark field in SY_PROFILE table
  • Add Popup Option for Bad Debts Detail Filtering
  • Other minor improvements

Previous Update Version 722
  • Clean up the Coding for GST Bad Debt Relief reports
  • Add GST Listing - Yearly GST Analysis
  • Other minor improvements