January 20, 2017

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (V741) Date: 19 Jan 2017


Last updated: 19/01/2017
Current version: 5.2017.799.741

New in this version

  • Database upgrade to version 144
  • Update App.XF font type
  • Bug #4063: Create DIY Field prompt error if login to non-English language
  • Bug #4059: Improve performance in browse/detail form
  • Bug #4066: GL Ledger Prompt Error if group by Project when Financial Date <> Conversion Date
  • Fix bug #4061: Apply GST gift listing report prompt "field seq not found" error
  • Bug #4065: GL Ledger Transaction posted by GST Process TaxDate is blank. Assigned description for unclaimable transaction in GST_TR (TX-RE and TX-ES)
  • Bug #4064: GST Audit File Bad debt Transaction AJP should appear in Purchase part while AJS in Sales part and unclaimable ( from TX-IES and TX-RE) should add into GAF
  • Fix bug #4067: GST_TR table contains records with name is blank for GL cash book, journal and foreign bank adjustment
  • Bug #4062: GST Audit File GL part no records
  • Bug #4057: Set GainLoss Posting Date Dialog not prompted when all GainLoss amount sum up equal to 0
  • Refactor View Chart
  • Bug #4058: Apply Stock Card trigger costing exception not raised out (but there is a exception in debug mode)
  • Refactor Stock Item Picture
  • Refactor Price Tag
  • Refactor Stock Item Search
  • Refactor Sales / Purchase Price History
  • Bug #4054: Slow when operate the application by turn on Price History or Available Stock Balance
  • Add KnockOff Info for Customer & Supplier CN (GST)
  • Fixed GST-Ledger-Vs-GST-03_6b & GST-Ledger-Vs-GST-03_5b report not shown for current process
  • Bug #4052: GST Listing double click Summary Grid Record prompt Access violation in cxGridRS24.bpl when Filter Row is not turn on
  • Bug #3952: Fix to dock all form DockPanels to DockSiteMain instead of dxDockPanel1.
  • Fix GST Detail Listing 1 & 2 preview error when there is bad debts
  • Revise IDBConnection.GetTableNames implementation
  • Remove DataRecoverManagerUnit
  • Fixed GST Listing Detail 1 & 2 Cash Book Info not fully shown
  • Remove old Stock Data Recover code and unit. Year End calculate costing refer to new data recover framework
  • Remove TDBManager.GetFieldDefs method
  • Bug #4050: Amount column Stock Transfer Listing show currency symbol
  • Revise Account menu xml
  • Revise TTransferStatusActions implementation
  • Remove TItemMatrixDataSource_old and TDocumentItemMatrixActions_old in SQLAccDocumentActionsUnit.pas
  • Relocate type library resource SQLAcc.TLB in .dpr file
  • Remove IntegralHeight property setting
  • Remove unused units