March 28, 2016

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (V730) Date: 28 March 2016


Last updated: 28/03/2016
Current version: 4.2016.778.730

  • Convert GL Local - Ledger - Detail - Level 1 to Fast Report & Format
  • Adjust DO-IV loader to exclude documents fall before system conversion date; adjust RSA loader to load past taxable records for past supplier invoice
  • Increase footer height for GL PnL – 6C4P
  • Convert Cust 12 Months Aging LS & Cust 12 Months Aging to fr3
  • Add Sales & Purchase Cancel Note 7 (GST) & Listing (GST 1)
  • Add Out of Balance Status for GL Bank Reconciliation report
  • Convert GL BS-3C0P to fast report
  • Adjust implementation of document locking and knockoff tax date
  • Convert GL OR & PV (GST) to Fast Report
  • Add GST Gift Lising report
  • Add GST | Gift / Deemed Supply Listing
  • Other performance & stability improvements

March 3, 2016

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (729) Date: 29 Feb 2016


Last updated: 29/02/2016
Current version: 4.2015.774.729


01. Enhance, Retuning & Fixed Report
• GL Bank Reconciliation display period's DateTo should follow bank statement date. Apply button only enable when Bank Statement Date & Payment Method has been selected
• Add checking Invalid Posting for GL Journal of Transaction - Inbalance report
• Fixed GL Journal of Transaction - Inbalance not including Non GST Transaction checking
• Fix Grand total with Tax not filter by detail fitering for AR, AP, SL & PH Listing (GST 1)
• Add Grouping by Shipper parameter for Sales & Purchase Listing
• Move GST Lampiran 4 to GST Listing
• GL Cash Flow - Other Liabilites (Normal Account) should under "Operating profit/(loss) before working capital changes"
• Add GL Cash Book Listing - GST Review
• GST bad debt relief report does not exclude cancelled invoices
• Add Customer & Supplier GST Review reports
• Fixed Sales Cash Sales 3 (GST 3) Rounding Amount batch print not correct
• Preview GST bad debt report doesn't match with grid filter condition
• GST Listing - Yearly GST Analysis - Incorrectly ranged the date for each month
• Fixed GST Detail 3 - GST-03 data will gone if had same docno
• Stock Card should show Opening Stock Documents (Before System Conversion Date) when date is
untick or Date From is Clear
• Add Stock BOM Material Usage-Materials Plan (MRP) report
• Fix Sales Analysis By Document - Level 2 keep generating page
• Fix GST-Lampiran B-0 PT GST Bil 2B (ATS) prompt error due to invalid tax rate
• Stock Batch Expiry Report Qty Column Display Format is Incorrect
02. Add GST No. Lookup from RMCD TAP portal
03. Don't allow Tick Cancelled & Save if there is a Payment for Cash Sales
04. Cancelled Cash sales should not prompt for Payment Dialog
05. Sales Order Transfer to Purchase Order should exclude TaxRate
06. Fix various High DPI issues
07. Remove Bold attribute from TcxStyle resource to accomodate High-DPI monitor
08. Revise Apply Icon in report form
09. Cash Sales Shouldn't Prompt Payment Change Dialog when Outstanding=0. Payment Change dialog Total Paid Amount is Outstanding + Cash Sales PaymentAmt. Dialog added Deposit field
10. Prevent user from select non-GST tax type for gift data entry
11. GST Taxable Entry Add "Sub Total (Tax)" Column
12. User can change gain loss amount of document after process GST return
13. Unable to Transfer to Sales Credit Note if Invoice detail Transferable is False. Transferable field should allow to edit if user no purchase Extra DO module
14. Maintain Stock Batch "Paste Stock Batch" should include "Code"
15. Add support of Citibank (Singapore) CitiDirect file format
16. Incorrect display format of local tax amount on bank charges GST reversal form due to application prompt error couldn't find EditValue
17. New GL Cash Book by default set to Payment Voucher
18. Remove LPA text from status column at open GST return window and GST return lookup
19. Industry Code should be BLANK in GST-03 item 19 if 5b is 0.00 (Same to TAP file format)
20. GST Audit File Purchase & Sales section should match to GST Return Transactions
21. Stock Item Search (F9) Advance Search Should Include Barcode Field
22. Fix Javascript call COM object to assign date value to report parameter. Add additioner code to convert Javascript DateTime (unix time) to Delphi TdateTime
23. Unusual behavior on GST return wizard form due to application prompt could not find activepageindex error after component upgrade to Developer Express VCL v15.2.2
24.  Inconsistent status display between open GST return window and GST process lookup
25. GST Main Menu add sub menu to link to government guidelines for MY & SG