September 19, 2016

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (V736) Date: 10 September 2016

Last updated: 10/09/2016
Current version: 4.2016.789.736

New in this version

  • Add GST Return matching with RMCD Customs TAP portal
  • Add support of view return from RMCD GST TAP
  • Add RMCD GST TAP Account access
  • Add GST MY TAP GST Lookup Status test case
  • Rename GST.TAP.Lookup.pas to GST.MY.TAP.Lookup.pas
  • Rename GST.Portal.MY.pas to GST.MY.TAP.pas
  • Refactor TGST_MY_TAP
  • GST Process Lookup support List Field by description. Report should retrieve lookup value by ILookupController.EditKeyValue instead of TcxPopupEdit.EditValue
  • Fixed Sales Invoice 3 (GST 2) Footer Disc not including itemcode DISC
  • Rename GST Detail 3 - GST F5 to GST Detail 3 - GST F5-(SG)
  • Bug #3878: Maintain Stock Value if untick project should show total figure for ALL project
  • Fixed Sales Cash Sales 6 - Receipt Paid Amount shown zero if not using payment Dialog
  • Fix SL/PH Price History Report Group Header SubTotal & Base Qty Display Format (display wrongly when there are decimal values)
  • Bug #3870: Bank Account contain B/F Amount (but without current date range transaction) did not appeared in GST Audit File
  • [GST-MY] Feature #3867: Tax code GS (disregard supply) should not declare in GST-03 item 13. Revert commit of b97ab0cbde825404eb8790889df6bbc144d79abe and f4ca30bb9dcf92dbc05067bd6c25dd7bc3e40e35
  • Fixed Sales Quotation 3 (Sales Disc) batch print incorrectly shown Disc amount
  • Revise GST Guidelines menu item open with build-in PDF viewer
  • Replace TcxPageControl with TPageControl on GST bad debt form
  • Bug #3861: Change "Maintain Scripts" caption to "Maintain Commission Script"
  • Update GST Detail 3 & Lampiran 2 for TX-CG & ZDA
  • Fixed GST Summary Sheet - MY overdeduct for TX when using TX-CG
  • Fixed GL Local - Ledger - Detail - Level 1 Description 2 shown wrong info if had same Journal Begin with B or C
  • Bug #2991: Save a document with empty shipper field prompt Field Value Required
  • Feature #3698: Add RichTextToPlainText function to DIY Scripter
  • Add GL Acc Code for GL PnL - 2C2P format
  • Bug #3851: Payment Dialog not show when pressing F3 to save a cash sales
  • Bug #3845: Revert Bug#3805 Stock Card Qty filter by Project
  • Fixed GL PnL - 2C2P font format not follow the xml
  • Bug #3838: Maintain Chart of Account's Tax Code should be able to choose Non GST Tax Type
  • Bug #3829: Save Negative Qty will by pass if user Enter 0 & Enter back the Qty
  • Bug #3848: Addresses fields in Maintain Customer/Supplier has smaller font size
  • Bug #3849: Prompt "At end of Table" error in Sales Invoice when change document date
  • Bug #3850: Date, Agent & Terms in Delivery Order has smaller font size
  • Bug #3833: Drop temporary tables in nested transactions
  • Bug #3843: View | Price Tag form has smaller font size
  • Align drop down menu based on left and bottom position of button edit at open GST return window
  • Bug #3842: Customer/Suppler Contra Listing Filter by Agent prompt Invalid Date error
  • Add Header for GST Amt for GL Journal Voucher - Full & Half (GST)
  • Add Project Parameter for Fast Report Balance Sheet & GL PnL Reports
  • Fixed GL PnL 2C - 2C1P line not properly drawn
  • Bug #3827: Year End GST Date Selection should exclude Unlock and Dirty (recalculate) GST Process
  • Fixed Description overlap on DocNo for GL Journal of Transaction - Inbalance

August 26, 2016

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (V735) Date: 9 August 2016


Last updated: 09/08/2016
Current version: 4.2016.788.735

New in this version

  • Database upgrade to version 140
  • Maintain Tax Browse Grid paint inactive tax codes to grey text. "Show Changes" function will ignore inactive tax codes
  • [GST-MY] Add 11 new additional tax codes based on 1/8/2016 Accounting Software Guideline
  • [GST-MY] Remove IM-0 from Tax Provider MY and New DB will auto create IM-0
  • Revise TTaxPortal_MY implementation
  • Implement QueryString function for TNetHeaders to return & delimited string
  • Feature #3814: GL Opening Bank Reconciliation Payment Method Lookup Should Show Bank & Cash Type (Revert Bug #3739, commit: 908e644680de31b3151d9401f09823b5a4c54a2d)
  • Feature #3817: Maintain Journal Entry Add Tax Date at Browse Screen
  • Fixed GL Journal Voucher - Full & Half (GST) preview error if using GST Reversal
  • Convert Sales P&L By Document report to Fast Report
  • Fix GL PnL - 2C2P error if using #,0.00;-#,0.00;- displayformat

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (V735) Date: 9 August 2016


Last updated: 09/08/2016
Current version: 4.2016.787.735

New in this version

  • Fix Database upgrade script version 139 (for db which don't have Tax Generator will failed)

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (V735) Date: 9 August 2016


Last updated: 09/08/2016
Current version: 4.2016.786.735


  • Database upgrade to version 139
  • Maintain Tax add "Show Changes" under Browse Grid "More" Button
  • Maintain Tax Browse Grid sort by TaxType column by default and add custom sorting to sort records by popularity of tax code (follow Customs guideline sequence)
  • Maintain Tax Browse Grid add "Category" column
  • ITaxProvider.GetTaxList change from TList to Tarray
  • RMCD GST Update 01 Aug 2016
  • GST Audit File all related class and UI form split by year (2015, 2016). IGSTAuditFormat class split by year & country also. Added TGSTAuditManagerFactory to be able to call out classes that splited by year and country
  • GST.Audit.DP add fields to support Malaysia GAF 2016 new format
  • GL Ledger Add AccType for Main DataSet
  • Add PermitNo to all Sales Document Detail Tables for Export Declaration Number Purpose
  • [GST-MY] GST Basic & Advance TestCase Field 13 include Tax Code "GS"
  • [GST-MY] GST-03 Report Field 13 include "GS" Tax Code
  • [GST-MY] Replace tax codes in GST Malaysia test cases with new tax codes
  • [GST-MY] Revise Tax Description for Output Tax "RS"
  • [GST-MY] Revise Tax Description for Output Tax "ES"
  • [GST-MY] Revise Tax Description for Output Tax "OS"
  • [GST-MY] Revise Tax Description for Output Tax "DS"
  • [GST-MY] Revise Tax Description for Output Tax "AJS_BD"
  • [GST-MY] Revise Tax Description for Output Tax "GS"
  • [GST-MY] Revise Tax Description for Output Tax "IES"
  • [GST-MY] Revise Tax Description for Output Tax "ZRE"
  • [GST-MY] Revise Tax Description for Input Tax "AJP_BD"
  • [GST-MY] Revise Tax Description for Input Tax "GP"
  • [GST-MY] Revise Tax Description for Input Tax "OP"
  • [GST-MY] Revise Tax Description for Input Tax "EP"
  • [GST-MY] Revise Tax Description for Input Tax "BL"
  • [GST-MY] Revise Tax Description for Input Tax "IS"
  • [GST-MY] Revise Tax Description for Input Tax "IM"
  • [GST-MY] Revise Tax Description for Input Tax "TX-RE"
  • [GST-MY] Revise Tax Description for Input Tax "TX-IES"
  • [GST-MY] Revise Tax Description for Input Tax "TX-ES"
  • [GST-MY] Add new output tax code "ZDA"
  • [GST-MY] IES replace ES43
  • [GST-MY] Add new input tax code "TX-CG"
  • [GST-MY] Add new input tax code "RP"
  • [GST-MY] TX-IES replace TX-E43
  • [GST-MY] TX-ES replace TX-N43
  • Tax DB Table Description Field upgrade from 80 to 200 characters
  • Fix bug #3679: Drill down is not supported yet message for document type (_A, _B, _C and _D) or trans type (_X) will be misleading
  • Maintain Tax Browse Grid, Tax Rate & Tax Account column value align to center
  • Bug #3816: Incremental search is not working on Debit & Credit column of Bank reconciliation report
  • Fixed Cust Local - Payment Listing - Collection Report.rtm on Print/Export prompt Error List index out of bounds
  • Simplify TArray for CheckFields parameter; adjust document locking implementation
  • Enhance speed when operate sub-account tree controls in GL Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
  • RMCD TAP Update
  • Fixed GL Journal Voucher - Half & Full (GST) Total Taxamt not correctly shown
  • Allow user to change knock-off tax date, as long as the date does not fall in any GST return processed
  • Bug #3813: Unable to show parent account that has zero amount when use print Sub Account Only for PnL and Balance Sheet report
  • Fixed GST-Ledger-Vs-GST-03_5b & GST-Ledger-Vs-GST-03_6b not including Bounced transaction checking
  • Maintain Tax Entry Form's Description change to Memo type for easy reading and Adjust UI Control anchors
  • Tax Rate & Tax Code should retrieve based on DocDate instead of TaxDate
  • Fix calculate bad debt invoice prompt division by zero error
  • Bug #3812: Error when update company code
  • Bug #3811: Set default Qty to 1 when add item in Gift document
  • Fix Prompt Error due to Total Qty formula for GST.Gift 1 & Sales Delivery Order 1 report

August 1, 2016

Notice of Concept Software close on (5th Aug 16 to 7th Aug 16)

Dear Value Customer,

Please be informed that our office will be closed from 5th to 7th Aug 2016 (Friday-Sunday) for Staff improvements in support team internal skill training & upgrading. Business will resume on 8th Aug 2016 (Monday)

Thank for you attention, have a nice day ! 
谢谢 ! 

July 13, 2016

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (V733) Date: 29 June 2016


Last updated: 29/06/2016
Current version: 4.2016.784.733

New in this version

  • Database upgrade to version 138
  • Bug #3763: View GST Audit File prompt error "List Index out of bounds"
  • Add From Doc No Information for Sales/Purchase Invoice/Cash Sales 3 report
  • Adjust grid properties on bad debt form
  • Fix memory leak due to access violation in thread exit when unload SQLAcc.GST.UI.bpl package
  • Add Balance Sheet - This Year - 3 Column - IFRS format
  • Fix bug #3745: Unable to knockoff invoices with payment in foreign currency if the payment contains gain loss and zero gain loss from knockoffs
  • Bug #3747: YED should insert past AR & AP CN documents details into GST Taxable (PostDate <= YED and TaxDate > YED only)
  • Bug #3746: YED should prompt error if GL CB & GL Journal PostDate<=YED but TaxDate > YED
  • Bug #3738: Inquiry | Cash Flow Forecast Balance b/d should have value if account got B/F transaction only (no within date range transaction)
  • Bug #3736: DMR formula should include "Excluded Supply (O)"
  • Bug #3739: GL Opening Bank Reconciliation Payment Method Lookup should only show Bank Type
  • Add GST Detail 3 - GST F5.fr3 For Singapore GST
  • Fixed GST Detail 4 - Mixed Supplies shown incorrect DmR Status
  • Add GL Journal Of Transaction - Post and Tax Date Exception Report
  • Add FromDocDate & FromDocNo for Sales DN for Report Builder Format
  • Bug #3743: Error on calling report COM object
  • Bug #3740: All Sales & Purchase Entries Forms set Net Total UI Control to Read-Only
  • Bug #3735: GL Bank Reconcilliation Entry Form Slow on Open & Click Detail
  • [RAD10.1]: Revise IDBProviderSupport
  • [RAD10.1]: Upgrade packages
  • Year End Validation will list out AR/AP documents that PostDate <= YED & TaxDate > YED
  • Fix draft GST return not deleted if fail to recalculate GST return
  • Fix Temp Tables not free when Report calling others Reports due to same DB transaction for GST Audit File & GL Cash Flow Statement Report (should move to BeforeProcess instead of Process section in DP)
  • Revise TAnonymousMethod implementation
  • Fixed GST Detail 4 - Mixed Supplies LPA formula error
  • Fixed 3 column balance sheet error if TOTAL EQUITY AND LIABILITIES is 0
  • Fix bug #3731: GST return journal posted to incorrect taxable period after recalculate
  • Fix GST trans for each bad debt invoice posted many times in draft process after recalculate
  • Bug #3733: Sales Invoice unable to save if enable 5 cent rounding & Prompt Negative Stock Qty dialog
  • Bug #3732: Unable to Delete GL Account if BL Tax Account previously point to this account code, after GST process & BL Tax Account change to empty then Edit Save old documents with BL (Rename DB Metadata resource to actual table name)
  • Remove the Allow Expression for Account Code for Maintain Account Listing
  • Remove OnGetDisplayText event from LPA DateFrom and LPA DateTo columns
  • Bug #3726: GL PnL & Balance Sheet the option Show column Options unable to add new column on click the Thunder button
  • Fix GL OR & PV Error if detail record more then 1 page

June 3, 2016

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (V732) Date: 08 June 2016


Last updated: 08/06/2016
Current version: 4.2016.783.732

New in this version

  • Database upgrade to version 136
  • Bug #3717: AR/AP Payment, Refund & Contra New Entry has Duplicate knock-off document number when tick and untick same document before save
  • Bug #3710: AR/AP Payment, Credit Note, Refund & Contra should not allow negative value to knock-off
  • Fix bug #3718: Filter record on report data form prompt access violation error when there are filters from more than one grid columns
  • Feature #1622: Add COM support to new business objects
  • Revise TFields implementation
  • Revise TActions implementation
  • Revise TParamsEx implementation
  • Remove redundant namespace: Estream_TLB
  • Revise TDataSets implementation
  • Replace LoadTypeLibEx with LoadRegTypeLibEx
  • Remove obsolete IRptObject implementation
  • Remove IVisitor_TFieldDefs and Ielement_TFieldDefs
  • Remove Ivisitor_TDataSet
  • Revise uses unit namespace in BizAppUnit.pas
  • Remove obsolete BizObject: Tax
  • Revise IBOPF.Params to TOPFParams. Remember to Rename .Add_9999 to .Add when release.
  • Localization
  • [Localize] Revise form resource
  • [Localize] Change special characters and symbols in .rc file
  • [Localize] Localize for New Database code, remove sqlacc.init.sql file and move the init sql to Account.DB.Init.pas
  • [Localize] Move previous ResourceString from other units into Acc.ResStr. localize for core1.bpl, core1.decorator.bpl, common.bpl, Misc.bpl, Stock.bpl, Sales2.bpl, GST.App.bpl, Costing2.bpl, Misc.DSM.bpl, Stock.DSM.bpl, GST.Command.bpl, Stock.DP.bpl, Misc.UI.bpl, GL.UI.bpl, Production.UI.bpl, GST.UI.bpl, DB.Sample.bpl, License.bpl, datarecover.bpl, dataimport.bpl, SQLAcc.dpr
  • [Localize] Revise form resource
  • [Localize] Move sisulizer projects to GitHub
  • Feature #3580: Year End for GST, optimized YED Speed & Persist Audit File for each GST Process
  • Year End locking change to Nov 2016
  • Remove Validate GST checking to prompt for GST Audit File might incorrect after YED
    YED Date UI for GST added a modal form to let user choose which process to YED. Add checking to validate GST Year End Date as well
  • YED AR/AP IV & DN all details (with GST tax code only) will be inserted into GST_Taxable (as past documents details will be purged). This is for bad debt calculation purpose
    YED auto insert DO Offset Transactions in GST_Taxable for Final IV/CS that transfered from DO
  • Add YED validation to prompt user to fully transfered Outstanding DO before run YED and list out Outstanding DO doc no
  • YED add validation to check if YED falls between PostDate & TaxDate for AR/AP IV & DN, system will prompt error not allow to proceed as both of these documents details will be purged and reinsert into GST_Taxable for bad debt calculation (bad debt calculation only able to capture opening in GST_Taxable but not the GST_Taxable that appeared after YED)
  • Revert changes of Feature #3315 (commit a487c17f3bc3dafac01adfd9a29a0a5d3cf892c2) and GST Taxable TaxDate checking as YED purging logic has been added so no need those date checking
  • YED AR/AP IV, DN, PN, CN & SL IV, add new checking (GST Taxable TaxDate <= YED) in "CanPurge" condition
  • YED AR/AP Payment, CN, Refund & Contra, add new checking (KOTaxDate <= YED) in "CanPurge" condition
  • YED all documents that has TaxDate, add new checking (TaxDate<=YED) in "CanPurge" condition
  • Replace Relation Hash List by using only one TDictionary instead of Both TDictionary & TList together. Replace TCollection to TList and TCollectionItem to TObject to speed up performance (As TCollectionItem.Index cause much slower performance)
  • YED Change Graph DataType from TList to Tlist
  • YED Create Index for T_GL_CB when Purge GL_CB to speed up performance when deleting GL_CB & GL_CBDTL
  • Optimize YED purge GL_TRANS for GL_CBDTL performance by using temp table & Exists SQL
  • Remove GST-03 (MY) and GST F5 (SG) report from Main Menu (Since Open GST Return has the menu already)
  • Open GST Return -> Generate Audit File, there is a grid load from CSV zip file that persist in each GST_Process. Previous GST Audit File (which read from db) has been removed in main menu
  • Persist GST audit file in GST_PROCESS table after process GST return
  • Add AuditFile column to GST_PROCESS table
  • GST Audit File convert from DS to CSV files, Zip all CSV files and convert Zip to Text/XML format
  • Fix Insuffiecient Memory error for large db to save GST Audit File. Free Ledger report objects immediately after called and Replace String Builder with TStreamWriter when writing text format.
  • Remove Spring4d package and adjust coding
  • Remove Spring4d package
  • Adjust GST classes implementation
  • Add support of show double entry on document entry window
  • Split "Tax" GL trans table type into "Detail Tax" and "Master Tax"; split "Pending Tax" GL trans table type into "Detail Pending Tax" and "Master Pending Tax"
  • Add feature #3633: Prompt message for total delivery order documents have been processed after process GST return
  • Add support of recalculate GST return
  • Rename TGST_Trans_Adj to TGST_Trans_Adj_Item
  • Add checking on GST Process & Tax Account before preview for GST-Ledger vs GST-03 5b & 6b
  • Fix bug #3694: New, Edit or Delete button on DBForm keep blinking if user does not have access rights
  • Bug #3712: SL/PH Documents Entries should refer to default account in Tools | Options when the particular account is not null in Stock Group
  • Fix bug #3701: Unable to drill down to gift document from GST gift listing
  • Adjust GST gift listing implementation
  • Bug #3666: When system Prompt Replace Unit Price Dialog on UOM Change & Click NO the Base Qty will not update
  • Add Total Amount Excluding GST & GST Amt for GL OR & PV
  • Bug #3695: Access AR/AP Contra through COM will cause no posting in Ledger
  • Bug #3705: AR/AP Document Listing reapply different document reports in same form and filter by agent will raise error : Invalid value for field 'DocDate'
  • Bug #3680: Purchase Invoice, Cash Purchase & Purchase Returned Tax Date will only shown partly if using the Themes
  • Feature #3360: GST listing Report support Pivot Table and Detail add GL Account & GL Account Description Fields
  • Prompt informative message if user edit gain/loss posting (from knockoff document) where GST return already processed
  • Fixed GL Journal of Transaction - Inbalance not group by Doc double entry
  • Feature #3692: Calculate RSA based on cash book (PV), invoice (PI), debit note (SD) and credit note (SC)
  • Adjust supplier invoice data loader and simplify classes implementation
  • Feature #3637: Rewrite Stock Quantity Control module to share one logic between SL, PH & Stock. Remove temporary tables from logic
  • Rewrite Stock Qty Control logic and UI to avoid using temp tables and share only one logic between SL, PH & Stock
  • Remove Stock, SL & PH old Stock Qty Control Logics and forms from project
  • Fix bug #3688: Bad debt supplier invoice calculated after expiry of 6 months even though input tax not claimed
  • Bug #2745: SL/PH/AR/AP Document Entries Add Company Code Validation
  • Remove Allow Expression for Cust/Supplier 12 months Aging reports
  • Add knockoff tax date column to knockoff invoice grid for payment, credit note and contra document entry form
  • Fix bug #3696: Document detail contains GST tax type allow to delete even though GST return already processed
  • Add no. of Month & more detail on TX-N43 for LPA
  • RSP-14691: A nested TClientDataSet instance always resulted to empty Childdefs in FieldDefs structure
  • Bug #3693: GL Bank Reconcilation Entry and Bank Reconcilation Listing Report Payment Method Lookup should only show Bank Type
  • Fix Customer/Supplier Statement Error if only 1 Company Code selected
  • Bug #3653: System will hang if select Mark All in Bank Reconciliation even the untick records is less then 3000
  • Bug #3675: Bank Reconcilliation will shown double duplicate ticked records if Click Apply and untick "Show Unticked Transactions"
  • Bug #3651: Barcode (F8) Form update Disc field did not trigger the OnGridColumnValueChanged DIY Script
  • Bug #3652: Stock Card Qty Report Batch & Project parameter should disable according to license module
  • Add Direct Post Checking for GST-Ledger-Vs-GST-03_5b & GST-Ledger-Vs-GST-03_6b
  • Bug #3655: Tick Grid's FilterRow causing some conversion error in certain form grid that has GetDisplayText, CustomDrawCell & FooterSummaryItemGetText event
  • Bug #3674: Customer/Supplier Aging & Statement xml Editor Header Scripts Editor should be Memo instead of Rich Text Editor
  • Bug #3691: Matrix profile Dimension 1 and 2 MaxValue set to 30
  • Fixed GST-Ledger-Vs-GST-03_5b & GST-Ledger-Vs-GST-03_6b not including Bad Debts & Excluding Tax code is Empty
  • Bug #3464: GL Journal Entry allow to select Non-GST Tax code
  • Revise IBOPF.New declaration
  • Fix bug #3685: Remove message prompt for bad debt invoices contains invoices issued to non-GST registered customer
  • Bug #3686: Supplier Invoice & Payment TaxDate & BadDebt label overlap
  • Bug #3683: Supplier IV with Tax Code IM-0, TaxRate should be empty string instead of 0%
  • Maintain Tax TaxRate Drop Down Grid Navigator Replace Insert Button to Append Button
  • Replace bookmark variable type from TBytes to TBookmark
  • Fix incorrect email separator in OCBC Bank Easi-Giro file format
  • Update Maybank Universal Payment file format to v4.4; combine multiple knockoff documents into one payment advise for each payment record (feature #3704)

May 31, 2016

建築業消費稅攻略 GST On Construction Industry

範圍與稅務施予 Scope & Charge to Tax
註冊的條件 Requirement for Registration
供應種类 Types of Supply 
6% 標準稅率以外的建築服務 Construction Services Other Than 6%
出口服務 Export of Service
不可檢討合約 Non Reviewable Contract
政府的工程合約 Government Contract Work
政府的服務合約 Government Service Contract
建築-租借-維修-移交 Build-Lease-Maintain-Transfer (BLOT)
建築業一般運作模式 General Operation of  The Industry
供應時間 Time of Supply
建築業的供應時間 Time of Supply for Construction Industry
例外 Exception

建築服務消費稅特別處理案例 Special GST treatment
稅務發票 Tax Invoice
退款單及索款單 Credit Note & Debit Note 
認證價值 Certified Value
代付費及開支補償 Disbursement & Reimbursement
標價 Quotation
保留金 Retention Sum
招標訂金 Tender Deposit

違約賠償金 Liquidated and Ascertained Damages
缺陷糾正 Rectification of Defect
呆賬與呆賬減免 Bad Debt & Bad Debt Relief
進項稅回拨與進項稅償還 Input Tax Claw Back & Repayment of Input Tax
進口服務 Imported Services (Including Double Entries)
免費贈品或服務 Free Gift/Goods or Services (Including Double Entries)
對消Contra (Including Double Entries)
指定地區 Designated Areas
惩罚 Penalties

收費 Fee : RM 400 (每人)
*6月15日前報名者,RM300 (每人)
*包括 : 兩個茶點,一個午餐
*Exclusive GST 6 %

Bank Account : RHB Bank 20715800047908 
Payable to Concept Software Sdn Bhd

** 在不事先知会的情况下,主办当局保留调整课程内容、时间及地点的权利。

Registration is compulsory. Fill up the simple form below and submit.

April 22, 2016

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (V730) Date: 08 April 2016


Last updated: 08/04/2016
Current version: 4.2016.780.730

New in this version

  • Customer Aging if fully KO on current month will now shown in Fast Report
  • Allow change tax code for PO transfer from SO
  • Description is now shown when using Split Browse & Detail Windows of Form Mode
  • GL Payment Voucher - Detail - (GST) label now show as "Payment by"
  • Tools | Option images now display correctly for non English locale
  • GL OR & PV - Detail (GST) - Currency Rate is now hidden if under local currency bank
  • RCMD GST Lookup should now be able to function
  • Remove allow express for Ref, Description & Description 2 for GL Local - Ledger - Detail - Level 1
  • GL Bank Reconciliation Report 2nd page header font size now same with 1st page
  • Remove all Prompt Dialog to Show Detail for Fast Report & use Build in Show Detail button on Preview Screen
  • GL PnL - 13C1P should now show all record on next page
  • Other performance & stability improvements

March 28, 2016

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (V730) Date: 28 March 2016


Last updated: 28/03/2016
Current version: 4.2016.778.730

  • Convert GL Local - Ledger - Detail - Level 1 to Fast Report & Format
  • Adjust DO-IV loader to exclude documents fall before system conversion date; adjust RSA loader to load past taxable records for past supplier invoice
  • Increase footer height for GL PnL – 6C4P
  • Convert Cust 12 Months Aging LS & Cust 12 Months Aging to fr3
  • Add Sales & Purchase Cancel Note 7 (GST) & Listing (GST 1)
  • Add Out of Balance Status for GL Bank Reconciliation report
  • Convert GL BS-3C0P to fast report
  • Adjust implementation of document locking and knockoff tax date
  • Convert GL OR & PV (GST) to Fast Report
  • Add GST Gift Lising report
  • Add GST | Gift / Deemed Supply Listing
  • Other performance & stability improvements