April 22, 2016

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (V730) Date: 08 April 2016


Last updated: 08/04/2016
Current version: 4.2016.780.730

New in this version

  • Customer Aging if fully KO on current month will now shown in Fast Report
  • Allow change tax code for PO transfer from SO
  • Description is now shown when using Split Browse & Detail Windows of Form Mode
  • GL Payment Voucher - Detail - (GST) label now show as "Payment by"
  • Tools | Option images now display correctly for non English locale
  • GL OR & PV - Detail (GST) - Currency Rate is now hidden if under local currency bank
  • RCMD GST Lookup should now be able to function
  • Remove allow express for Ref, Description & Description 2 for GL Local - Ledger - Detail - Level 1
  • GL Bank Reconciliation Report 2nd page header font size now same with 1st page
  • Remove all Prompt Dialog to Show Detail for Fast Report & use Build in Show Detail button on Preview Screen
  • GL PnL - 13C1P should now show all record on next page
  • Other performance & stability improvements