May 27, 2015

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (714) Date: 27 May 2015


Last updated: 27/05/2015
Current version: 4.2015.753.714
Size: 43.5 MB 

New in this version

  • Updated GST-03 Section D for User Information Mapping
  • Added NewIC, OldIC, Passport & Nationality Fields in Maintain User for GST-03 Report
  • Allow to set Tax Date at Purchase Returned & Supplier CN
  • Split ES43 Gain Loss from ES43 Group for GST Detail Listing report
  • Adjusted GST listing to split records with "incidental exempt supply" tax type into 2 groups
  • Updated GST-03 format to new format

Previous Update Version 713
  • GL Cash Book, Journal, IV, DN & CN Document Detail's now able to post tax code to GL Ledger Posting
  • GST Processor support Net Realised Gain Loss posting