July 3, 2015

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (717) Date: 03 July 2015


Last updated: 03/07/2015
Current version: 4.2015.758.717
Size: 44.2 MB 

New in this version

  • Year End process now prompts exception message if it detects Year End Date falls between document Post Date & Tax Date / Knockoff GST Date
  • Display Tax Date Label for Documents that able to "Set Tax Date"
  • Added Note & DateFrom for Sales Credit Note 3 (GST)
  • Stock Analysis by Document now supports Gift/Deemed Supply Entry
  • Added "Include Zero Local Tax Amount" option to GST Listing report
  • Other minor improvements

Previous Update Version 716
  • Added GST Detail 2 & GST Lampiran 2 Report
  • Other minor improvements