October 22, 2015

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (722) Date: 21 Oct 2015


Last updated: 21/10/2015
Current version: 4.2015.765.722
Size: 44.4 MB
License: Demo (Username & Password: ADMIN) 

New in this version

  • Clean up the Coding for GST Bad Debt Relief reports
  • Add GST Listing - Yearly GST Analysis
  • Other minor improvements

Previous Update Version 721
  • Indicate the latest tax rate for A & EA setting in Maintain Tax
  • Prompt message upon saving Stock Item when BOM got duplicate items
  • Add Draft GST return
  • TaxRate support multiple tax rate setting, auto tax rate & IRR excluded transaction.
  • All document details & GST_Trans add TaxRate field.
  • IRR formula support excluded transaction.
  • Auto tax rate will be sensitive with TaxDate
  • Add Stock Item without Category - Exception Report
  • Adjust gift entry form
  • Allow user to bounce customer and supplier payment but will cause incorrect GST return
  • Remove unused event actProfitEstimatorUpdate from Job Order Entry Form
  • Retune Print Count Coding for Fast Report
  • Revise document locking mechanism
  • Update Bad Debt Relief unclaimed Letter as at 6 mths expired
  • Show LPA date range if LPA option is checked at new GST return window
  • Add GL Trial Balance - This Year v GAF (Footer).fr3
  • Add 4 format GST- Sales Bad Debt Relief-Unclaimed Letter
  • Modify GST Bad Debt Relief - Sales - to show the tax amt claimed and unclaimed after AR bad debt relief
  • Update Fast Report with ShitRelative function
  • Add GST Detail 3 - GST-03
  • Update GST Bad Debt Forcast by just show 5 & 6 month record only
  • [BETA] Add options to import current transaction for AR & AP (IV, DN, CN, Payment & Refund)
  • Other minor improvements