July 13, 2016

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (V733) Date: 29 June 2016


Last updated: 29/06/2016
Current version: 4.2016.784.733

New in this version

  • Database upgrade to version 138
  • Bug #3763: View GST Audit File prompt error "List Index out of bounds"
  • Add From Doc No Information for Sales/Purchase Invoice/Cash Sales 3 report
  • Adjust grid properties on bad debt form
  • Fix memory leak due to access violation in thread exit when unload SQLAcc.GST.UI.bpl package
  • Add Balance Sheet - This Year - 3 Column - IFRS format
  • Fix bug #3745: Unable to knockoff invoices with payment in foreign currency if the payment contains gain loss and zero gain loss from knockoffs
  • Bug #3747: YED should insert past AR & AP CN documents details into GST Taxable (PostDate <= YED and TaxDate > YED only)
  • Bug #3746: YED should prompt error if GL CB & GL Journal PostDate<=YED but TaxDate > YED
  • Bug #3738: Inquiry | Cash Flow Forecast Balance b/d should have value if account got B/F transaction only (no within date range transaction)
  • Bug #3736: DMR formula should include "Excluded Supply (O)"
  • Bug #3739: GL Opening Bank Reconciliation Payment Method Lookup should only show Bank Type
  • Add GST Detail 3 - GST F5.fr3 For Singapore GST
  • Fixed GST Detail 4 - Mixed Supplies shown incorrect DmR Status
  • Add GL Journal Of Transaction - Post and Tax Date Exception Report
  • Add FromDocDate & FromDocNo for Sales DN for Report Builder Format
  • Bug #3743: Error on calling report COM object
  • Bug #3740: All Sales & Purchase Entries Forms set Net Total UI Control to Read-Only
  • Bug #3735: GL Bank Reconcilliation Entry Form Slow on Open & Click Detail
  • [RAD10.1]: Revise IDBProviderSupport
  • [RAD10.1]: Upgrade packages
  • Year End Validation will list out AR/AP documents that PostDate <= YED & TaxDate > YED
  • Fix draft GST return not deleted if fail to recalculate GST return
  • Fix Temp Tables not free when Report calling others Reports due to same DB transaction for GST Audit File & GL Cash Flow Statement Report (should move to BeforeProcess instead of Process section in DP)
  • Revise TAnonymousMethod implementation
  • Fixed GST Detail 4 - Mixed Supplies LPA formula error
  • Fixed 3 column balance sheet error if TOTAL EQUITY AND LIABILITIES is 0
  • Fix bug #3731: GST return journal posted to incorrect taxable period after recalculate
  • Fix GST trans for each bad debt invoice posted many times in draft process after recalculate
  • Bug #3733: Sales Invoice unable to save if enable 5 cent rounding & Prompt Negative Stock Qty dialog
  • Bug #3732: Unable to Delete GL Account if BL Tax Account previously point to this account code, after GST process & BL Tax Account change to empty then Edit Save old documents with BL (Rename DB Metadata resource to actual table name)
  • Remove the Allow Expression for Account Code for Maintain Account Listing
  • Remove OnGetDisplayText event from LPA DateFrom and LPA DateTo columns
  • Bug #3726: GL PnL & Balance Sheet the option Show column Options unable to add new column on click the Thunder button
  • Fix GL OR & PV Error if detail record more then 1 page