March 29, 2017

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (V742) Date: 25 March 2017


Last updated: 25/03/2017
Current version: 5.2017.802.742

New in this version

  • Database upgrade to version 145
  • Feature #3979: GL Cash Book Company Name Lookup (support add new value which not exists in the lookup). Upon change Company Name, system will retrieve GSTNo & RegNo that saved in table previously
  • Feature #4159: GL Cash Book Entry add new fields for GST Audit File (CompanyName, RegNo, Invoice Date, Invoice No, PermitNo & Country)
  • Adjust GST listing drill down to document by document key
  • Adjust implementation of GL cash book detail posting to GST_TR table
  • Feature #4155: Cash Sales Payment Dialog should make currency edit box wider so can display more digits
  • GL Cash Book Detail table add GST_DocDate, GST_DocNo, CompanyName, RegisterNo, PermitNo & Country. Upgrade GSTNo field to 25 characters
  • Feature #4161: Stock Batch Lookup by Item should show only unexpired batch baesd on DocDate
  • Fix bug #4162: Thousand separator in yearly amount of gift document does not fully display
  • Bug #4165: Sales CN save with detail Qty=0 prompt error "Division by Zero"
  • Rename TIterator_cxGridDataBinder_FindColumn to Tenumerator_cxGridDataBinder_FindColumn
  • Fixed GST Detail 2 not group by tax code
  • Remove TIterator_FindFile and replace with Tfile.GetFiles
  • Revise TIterator_FindControl to generic Tenumerator_FindControl
  • Bug #4045: Default filter operator for some string fields do not set to CONTAINS
  • Revise TIterator_FindComponent to generic Tenumerator_FindComponent
  • Fix GL PnL - 6C4P % mapping error
  • Rename TStore to TObjectStore
  • Fix GL Local - Ledger - Detail - Level 1 export to Excel Grand total missing
  • Convert GL PnL - 6C4P to fast report
  • Bug #4147: GST Taxable for AR/AP PM & CN should disable and only allow Past GST Taxable entry
  • Feature #4144: GST-03 Report changes from the GST Guideline (02 March 2017)
  • Feature #4143: Tax code changes from the GST Guideline (02 March 2017)
  • Enable single enter key press for stock item search
  • Bug #4121: Prompt Access Violation when close Stock Item Search with Active Row Filter
  • Bug #4122: Stock Item Search (F9) should auto focus on search item field after open the form
  • Bug #4132: User access right uncheck "Show Price in Delivery Order" should allow to access "Tax Code" field
  • Bug #4012: Disallow to Save Cash Sales & Cash Purchase when there is payment Amt and payment method is blank
  • Feature #4126: Tools | Option | Customer, Rename the checkbox caption "one cents different rounding (local currency fields) for all AR/SL Documents (Recommended)" to "Perform Tax / Local Amount Rounding". New database by default the option will be ticked
  • Remove Allow Expression for Company Letterhead for Customer/Supplier IV, DN & CN & GL PV & OR
  • Bug #4090: Access Violation When Delete Document Entries from Browse Screen if Split Browse & Detail Form Mode Applied
  • Bug #4091: Unable to paste picture in RTF Editor
  • Fix bug #4085: Incorrect document number posting to transactions table (e.g GL_TRANS) after edit document for new document number
  • Bug #4056: Edit Sales Invoice Detail's More description by changing all content to upper case to lower case, when close it system no prompt "Save changes?" and changes are not being saved
  • Fix bug #4114: Incorrect output tax calculated if gift document contains record with OS tax code
  • Bug #4019: Customer Debit Note should have FromDocNo lookup from Customer Invoice
  • Bug #4074: AR/AP Payment should not allowed to delete the payment if posted from Cash Sales/Cash Purchase/Sales Order/Purchase Order
  • Bug #4111: CN UnitCost not in smallest UOM if using UOM rate <> 1
  • Bug #4108: Access violation error prompted in Year End while compare GL Bank Recon Opening Result
  • Bug #4104: GST Taxable Transaction didn't copy to GST_TR table if user never process GST
  • Fix bug #4102: Giro - Incorrect payment amount for foreign supplier where payment method in local currency
  • Fixed GST-Penyata Pembekalan Dikecualikan (ES & IES) JV Not included in report
  • Fix Cust Aging PDC Total Balance is empty
  • Fixed GST Detail 3 - GST-03 Item 12 caption from (Gain)/ Loss to Gain/ (Loss)
  • Change Report Title for Balance Sheet IFRS to "Statement of Financial Position As At"
  • Bug #4087: GST Taxable button is missing after update in the Past Document
  • Bug #4088: GST Taxable Listing Report should show past documents taxable transactions
  • Fix bug #4080: Gift document allow to change date even though the document already processed in GST return
  • Fixed GST Lampiran 2-with ZR Output PermitNo not shown in some situation
  • Bug #4077: GST-03 Drill Down Form Filter Row by doc date not working
  • Bug #4076: Access Violation when activate filter on TClientDataSet due to field names "Seq" appear twice in IndexFieldNames (duplicate)
  • Bug #4073: Access violation when re-focus on 2nd level report grid with twice apply
  • Bug #3962: Unable to continue utilize COM object implemented by OPF
  • Remove Shift option in JV