March 28, 2022

Notice: Work From Home Start on 25/03/2022

 【通告 Notice】

Temporary switch to Work From Home ~start on 25/3/2022
我们很遗憾地通知您,由于员工内部确认了 Covid 病例和密切接触者隔离要求。
大山脚分公司将会关闭至少 3 天以进行观察和消毒。
加上疫情严重并且为了员工、家人以及大家的安危,本公司决定于25/3/2022(周五)开始自行Work From Home暂时居家办公。 我们依然在家中继续给予贵公司支援服务。 如有造成您的不便之处敬请谅解,并感谢一路给予的支持。 在此祝大家同步安全度过疫情。
我们将通过社交媒体更新状态。 再次对造成的不便深表歉意。 谢谢大家一直以来的支持🤝🙏
Dear valued customer,
We are sorry to inform that due to Covid case confirmed within staffs and close contact isolation requirement.
BM branch company would like to close for at least 3 days for observation and sanitization.
In addition to the serious epidemic situation and for the safety of employees, families and everyone. Start on 25/3/2022 (Friday), Concept Software Sdn Bhd decided to temporarily Work From Home. We continue to support your company from home. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your support along the way. Here's wishing you all the best of luck through the pandemic.
We will update the status via social media. Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thank you for your supports all the time. 🤝🙏
居家办公时间/Working Hour:
9am-6pm (Mon-Fri)
9am-1pm (Sat)
04-3242 994 - Yani -Butterworth Office (北海公司)
04-5309 586 -BM Office Temporary Close for Sanitization (大山脚公司)
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