August 26, 2016

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (V735) Date: 9 August 2016


Last updated: 09/08/2016
Current version: 4.2016.788.735

New in this version

  • Database upgrade to version 140
  • Maintain Tax Browse Grid paint inactive tax codes to grey text. "Show Changes" function will ignore inactive tax codes
  • [GST-MY] Add 11 new additional tax codes based on 1/8/2016 Accounting Software Guideline
  • [GST-MY] Remove IM-0 from Tax Provider MY and New DB will auto create IM-0
  • Revise TTaxPortal_MY implementation
  • Implement QueryString function for TNetHeaders to return & delimited string
  • Feature #3814: GL Opening Bank Reconciliation Payment Method Lookup Should Show Bank & Cash Type (Revert Bug #3739, commit: 908e644680de31b3151d9401f09823b5a4c54a2d)
  • Feature #3817: Maintain Journal Entry Add Tax Date at Browse Screen
  • Fixed GL Journal Voucher - Full & Half (GST) preview error if using GST Reversal
  • Convert Sales P&L By Document report to Fast Report
  • Fix GL PnL - 2C2P error if using #,0.00;-#,0.00;- displayformat