September 19, 2016

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (V736) Date: 10 September 2016

Last updated: 10/09/2016
Current version: 4.2016.789.736

New in this version

  • Add GST Return matching with RMCD Customs TAP portal
  • Add support of view return from RMCD GST TAP
  • Add RMCD GST TAP Account access
  • Add GST MY TAP GST Lookup Status test case
  • Rename GST.TAP.Lookup.pas to GST.MY.TAP.Lookup.pas
  • Rename GST.Portal.MY.pas to GST.MY.TAP.pas
  • Refactor TGST_MY_TAP
  • GST Process Lookup support List Field by description. Report should retrieve lookup value by ILookupController.EditKeyValue instead of TcxPopupEdit.EditValue
  • Fixed Sales Invoice 3 (GST 2) Footer Disc not including itemcode DISC
  • Rename GST Detail 3 - GST F5 to GST Detail 3 - GST F5-(SG)
  • Bug #3878: Maintain Stock Value if untick project should show total figure for ALL project
  • Fixed Sales Cash Sales 6 - Receipt Paid Amount shown zero if not using payment Dialog
  • Fix SL/PH Price History Report Group Header SubTotal & Base Qty Display Format (display wrongly when there are decimal values)
  • Bug #3870: Bank Account contain B/F Amount (but without current date range transaction) did not appeared in GST Audit File
  • [GST-MY] Feature #3867: Tax code GS (disregard supply) should not declare in GST-03 item 13. Revert commit of b97ab0cbde825404eb8790889df6bbc144d79abe and f4ca30bb9dcf92dbc05067bd6c25dd7bc3e40e35
  • Fixed Sales Quotation 3 (Sales Disc) batch print incorrectly shown Disc amount
  • Revise GST Guidelines menu item open with build-in PDF viewer
  • Replace TcxPageControl with TPageControl on GST bad debt form
  • Bug #3861: Change "Maintain Scripts" caption to "Maintain Commission Script"
  • Update GST Detail 3 & Lampiran 2 for TX-CG & ZDA
  • Fixed GST Summary Sheet - MY overdeduct for TX when using TX-CG
  • Fixed GL Local - Ledger - Detail - Level 1 Description 2 shown wrong info if had same Journal Begin with B or C
  • Bug #2991: Save a document with empty shipper field prompt Field Value Required
  • Feature #3698: Add RichTextToPlainText function to DIY Scripter
  • Add GL Acc Code for GL PnL - 2C2P format
  • Bug #3851: Payment Dialog not show when pressing F3 to save a cash sales
  • Bug #3845: Revert Bug#3805 Stock Card Qty filter by Project
  • Fixed GL PnL - 2C2P font format not follow the xml
  • Bug #3838: Maintain Chart of Account's Tax Code should be able to choose Non GST Tax Type
  • Bug #3829: Save Negative Qty will by pass if user Enter 0 & Enter back the Qty
  • Bug #3848: Addresses fields in Maintain Customer/Supplier has smaller font size
  • Bug #3849: Prompt "At end of Table" error in Sales Invoice when change document date
  • Bug #3850: Date, Agent & Terms in Delivery Order has smaller font size
  • Bug #3833: Drop temporary tables in nested transactions
  • Bug #3843: View | Price Tag form has smaller font size
  • Align drop down menu based on left and bottom position of button edit at open GST return window
  • Bug #3842: Customer/Suppler Contra Listing Filter by Agent prompt Invalid Date error
  • Add Header for GST Amt for GL Journal Voucher - Full & Half (GST)
  • Add Project Parameter for Fast Report Balance Sheet & GL PnL Reports
  • Fixed GL PnL 2C - 2C1P line not properly drawn
  • Bug #3827: Year End GST Date Selection should exclude Unlock and Dirty (recalculate) GST Process
  • Fixed Description overlap on DocNo for GL Journal of Transaction - Inbalance