January 17, 2017

SQL Accounting Latest GST Version (V740) Date: 09 Jan 2017


Last updated: 09/01/2017
Current version: 4.2016.796.740

New in this version

  • Database upgrade to version 143
  • Replace GST Malaysia Testcases hard code Year to CurrentYear function
  • [Merge]: Revise GST Listing implementation
  • Feature #4024: GST Listing Report add Summary Grid to show summary by tax code
  • Revise mouse double click event in GST Listing
  • Revise GST Listing UI
  • [Merge] - Add GST support for Year End
  • Feature #3981: Year End Auto Copy GL P&L & GL Balance Sheet Amount to Budget
  • Year End Outstanding DO checking should based on GST Start Date instead of the very beginning of date
  • Year End add confirmation message to prompt if latest GST process Date vs Year End Date is less than 9 months (this is to make sure bad debt calculation correct)
  • Fix past taxable process not auto processed if recalculate GST return after run year end
  • Adjust Year End Insert Past Document Details as GST Taxable to new GST_TR
  • Adjust Year End Insert DO 21 days GST OffSet post as GST Taxable to new GST_TR (into date range not process GST yet)
  • GL Cash Book & Journal documents details (PostDate<=YED, TaxDate>YED (not yet process GST only)) which has GST tax code will be inserted as GST Taxable in GST_TR (AutoPost=False)
  • Year End Remove Post Date (Before YED) & Tax Date (After YED) checking for AR/AP IV, DN, GL CB & Journal
  • Year End replace table GST_TAXABLE to GST_TR. No need to purge GST_TR (AutoPost=0) records even though source doc have been purged
  • [Merge]: Revise GST implementation
  • Enable support New Table name for GST Listing reports
  • Adjust GST.DP, GST Listing, GST-03 & GST F5 Report to support new columns in GST_TR
  • GST Audit Forms (View by single process) add Description grid column in GL Ledger section
  • Adjust GST Audit File report coding to query from GST_TR. GST Audit File able to query from a range of GST Process instead of one only
  • Adjust implementation of GST bad debt report
  • Adjust GST Taxable Listing Report to retrieve from GST_TR
  • Fix GST taxable test cases fail
  • Fix incorrect local amount of bad debt relief and bad debt recovered if invoice tax amount calculated based on taxable amount
  • Adjust implementation of GST data loader, GST return calculation and posting
  • GST return transactions posting to GST_TR and GST_TR_ADJ table
  • GST Taxable Entry not longer post to GST_Taxable but is posted to GST_TR and add new PermitNo & SIC Fields
  • Add New Tables "GST_TR", "GST_TR_DRAFT", "GST_TR_ADJ" & "GST_TR_ADJ_DRAFT"
  • Add support of re-sequence detail records for gift data entry
  • Add Seq column to GST_GIFT_DTL table
  • GL Ledger Report add Tax Filter & Grouping
  • [Merge]: Add TaxDate to GL_Trans
  • GL Ledger Report add new parameter able to filter by PostDate or TaxDate and add TaxDate grid column
  • All GL Trans Posting support TaxDate
  • GL_Trans Table add "TaxDate" field
  • Year End GST Date Lookup by default hide "Status" grid column and only list out GST Process which DateFrom >= System Conversion Date
  • Increase Title size for Customer & Sales Invoice 3 (GST)
  • Feature #4038: Change button caption from Giro (Beta) to Giro
  • Feature #4022: Add color setting to Remark field in Company Profile
  • Split the Title Tax Invoice & No for Customer & Invoice
  • Feature #4033: Change the report name from Customer Sales and Collection to Customer Bills and Collection in Menu and Access Control (same applied for AP)
  • Stock Item List add barcode information
  • Fix bug #4027: Customer credit note allow to delete even though the credit note contains bad debt recover records
  • Feature #4026: Hide tax inclusive column on detail grid of gift data entry
  • Bug #4009: AR/AP Invoice & Credit Note's Detail remains if copy and paste from current to new create past document
  • GL Local - Ledger - Detail - Level 1.fr3 add Grand Total for DR & CR
  • Feature #4008: Analyse Data Integrity | SQL Control Center add countdown dialog to close form in 5 seconds
  • Fix missing up down button image
  • Hide ForceFilter option in Maintain Form Mode that don't serve any purposes
  • Feature #4014: Auto tick Split Browse & Detail Windows when create new form mode
  • Bug #4003: Sort Stock Group first by default in Stock Item Listing
  • Bug #4013: Enable license checking for GIRO module
  • Feature #3945: Acceptable Transaction Date support Context & Feature #2274: GL Bank Reconciliation Lock by Acceptable Transaction Date
  • Fixed GST Detail 3 - GST-03 Gain should be in positive & Loss is in negative symbol